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Rose Quartz Point

Embrace the gentle embrace of Rose Quartz, a magnificent embodiment of love and tenderness. This sizable point, adorned with delicate iron inclusions, emanates a soft, serene pink hue that captivates the soul.

As light dances upon its surface, a mesmerizing array of rainbows and flashes shimmer across its form, casting a spell of enchantment and wonder.

With a weight of approximately 880g and standing at a height of around 16.5cm, this crystal exudes a presence that commands attention and inspires adoration.

Allow its loving energy to envelop you, bringing comfort, harmony, and a sense of profound connection to the heart


Chakra: Heart

Element: Water 💧 / Earth 🌎

Birthstone: January

Zodiac: TAURUS ♉️

Planetary Ruler: Venus


Magical Properties

Unconditional Love C Emotional Healing | Activation Self-Love and Self-Esteem | Stress Reduction | Healing Relationships | Enhanced Creativity Promotion of Forgiveness | Support During Grief


Love Stone" or the "Heart Stone", association with love, compassion, and emotional healing.

Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight.


How it foams: pegmatite

Mohs scale: (hardness): 7

Region: Madagascar



Please be aware that imperfections such as variations in colour, texture, or shape may occur with our crystals. These natural variations are inherent