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Dream Amethyst Tower.

Step into a realm of dreams and spiritual clarity with our Dream (Chevron) Amethyst Tower, an ethereal marvel that enchants with its stunning banding and hidden rainbows.


Weighing approximately 108 grams and standing 10 cm tall, this captivating tower emanates a wonderful, transformative energy, inviting you to explore the depths of your inner world.


The tower, a symbol of strength and ascension, combined with the mystical allure of Chevron Amethyst, creates a potent talisman that harmonizes your spirit and enhances your intuition. As you gaze upon this Dream Amethyst Tower, let its beautiful bands and sparkling rainbows guide you towards higher states of consciousness and spiritual growth.


Dream (Chevron) Amethyst, known for its unique V-shaped patterns, is celebrated for its powerful healing and spiritual properties. It aids in enhancing meditation, providing clarity of thought, and connecting you to your higher self. This stone is also excellent for cleansing the aura, protecting against negative energies, and promoting restful sleep and insightful dreams.


Invite the mystical and uplifting energy of our Dream (Chevron) Amethyst Tower into your space. Let this enchanting piece guide you, protect you, and elevate your spirit with the wisdom of Amethyst. 

let its serene energy bring clarity, peace, and spiritual insight to your everyday experiences.



Chakra: crown, third eye

Element: Air, Water, Spirit




Magical Properties