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 Tiger Eye Tower 


Unleash the mesmerizing power of our Tiger's Eye Tower, a stunning beacon of strength and clarity. This hand-carved marvel, weighing around 64 grams and standing 8.5 cm tall, is adorned with vertical lines of golden hues that dance enchantingly in the light, capturing the essence of the wild and the wisdom of the ages.


The tower, a symbol of resilience and ascension, combined with the radiant energy of Tiger's Eye, creates a potent talisman that grounds you while lifting your spirit. As you gaze upon this Tiger's Eye Tower, let its shimmering bands of gold guide you towards balance, courage, and insight, helping you navigate life's challenges with unwavering confidence.


Tiger's Eye, known as the "Stone of the Mind," is revered for its ability to enhance focus, clarity, and personal power. It balances emotional extremes, bringing harmony and stability to your life.


This stone also attracts prosperity and good fortune, making it a valued companion for those seeking to manifest their dreams.

Invite the grounding and empowering energy of our Tiger's Eye Tower into your space.

Let this magical piece guide you, protect you, and illuminate your path with the wisdom of Tiger's Eye. Embrace the journey with this enchanting talisman by your side, and let its radiant energy bring clarity, confidence, and success to your everyday experiences



Chakra: Solar plexus, Sacral, Root

Element: Earth

Zodiac: CAPRICORN♑️ LEO ♌️



Magical Properties

Protection & shields against negative energies | Courage | Grounding | Focus and Concentration | Balance Manifestation, helping with Decision Making | Self-Confidence | Good luck, good fortune & prosperity |


How it foams: Hexagonal (Trigonal)

Mohs scale (hardness): 6.5-7



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