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My Story 

 witches broom graphic created for cauldron crystals
witches broom graphic created for cauldron crystals

Hello my name is Lettice

(but you can call me Letti)

 It's nice to meet you.


I have worked as a career for 19 years and now I have decided to mix my passion for crystals with my passion for care. 


Crystal have helped me through some difficult times, they keep me calm, relax and focus, brings me joy and happiness . I use then to stimm and regulate my emotions and  help me to understand them.

Helping me to look within myself , improving my metal health and has helped me to accept my late diagnose and being proud of it. As well  helping reconnect with the spiritual part of me that I had supressed, being proud to show my spirituality and embracing my inner witch and letting her free.

 I love how each crystal is unique and beautiful just like us . they also respond to people in different ways depending on what that person need at that time.

Crystal are so wonderful and have help me. I wanted to open a shop so that they can help more people just like me.  


 So here I am .Cauldron crystals is a place where all my passions can come together. It will be an online shop, that will include Instagram and facebook lives. There will also be a facebook group were you can come and chat about your passions and love of crystals. 


As you can see I'm alternative and I love different styles. I am Autistic and ADHD, I want to create a safe space  you can feel free to express yourself. 


I will be making sure the crystals are ethically sourced as I care about the miners, their community and the environment around the mines. 


And finally I want to make it an enjoyable experience for you. Whether it be the joy of receiving your beautiful crystal or having fun join in on the lives and chatting. 


So please join me on my new passion Cauldron Crystals

photos of me Letty , Cauldron Crystals
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