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Our Crystals 

Cauldron Crystals logo
Cauldron Crystals logo

I’m passionate about ensuring that all the crystal I supply you come are ethical as much as they can be. 

This is why I’m so ecstatic to have found a Crystal wholesaler that is just as passionate about it as I am. They truly embrace this and work with ethical mines only.

They working with small family run mine, that they have known from many years. They are constantly in touch and visit the mines frequently. When visiting they stay with the families, ensuring that everyone in the processes from mining through to polishing of the crystals are care for , be as safe as they can be, and all treated fairly.

That they all have right equipment, that it is in good working order and replacing any that need to be.

Also help with providing excavation equipment create a bank, so that the mines are not done in tunnels and in doing this it was much safer for the miners. No children are used in any of the mines or any of the process of their crystals.  

The level of care, support and safely is extend to the workshops.

Weather it is their own workshops or small family run workshops that they use. They get to know the people behind the process and ensure that everyone involved is treated fairly and be a safe as they can.

The crystals are polish individually and they are hand carved, or hand turned

it amazing how much love and care goes into these pieces


They themselves are a small family run business that is very welcoming and excepting of people from all walks of life.

On top of them being an ethical wholesaler, they are also passionate about the environment.

With them being small family run mines, they do not use blasting, so no dynamite. The crystals are handed mine which instantly reduces the impact on the surrounding areas and environment.

The area around the mines also is away from wildlife and settlements allowing the mines to coexist more harmoniously with the surrounding environment, minimizing negative impacts on wildlife and human communities.

It is so beautiful and heart warming how they ensure that these wonderful people are well looked after, care for and safe throughout the journey of these beautiful crystals.


Cauldron Crystals logo
Cauldron Crystals logo

Here at cauldron crystals I am going to be trying my best to be as eco friendly as I can

I will be ​recycling and repurpose where i can 

 I will be using Office supplies and Packaging that is form recycled materials, biodegradable and environmentally friendly. 


Also to help with lowering my carbon foot print by Posting Orders out   once a week

this will be on a Tuesday. 

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