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Obsidian Mushroom

Unveil the mystical charm of our Obsidian Mushroom, a captivating talisman that brings the enchanting qualities of the natural world into your life. Each mushroom hand-carved, embodies the magic and mystery of the forest, offering protection, grounding, and insight.

Weighing around 5 grams and measuring approximately 2.4 cm in length and 2 cm in height, this delightful mushroom is a perfect pocket-sized companion, ready to share its powerful energy wherever you go.


The mushroom, a symbol of transformation and resilience, combined with the deep, dark allure of obsidian, creates a potent charm that connects you to the earth and your inner strength. As you hold this Obsidian Mushroom, let it ground your spirit, shield you from negativity, and guide you through the shadows with clarity and confidence.


Obsidian, known as the "Stone of Truth," is revered for its protective and purifying qualities. It acts as a powerful shield against negativity, absorbing and transforming negative energies into positive ones. This stone enhances self-awareness, bringing hidden emotions and thoughts to the surface for healing and release. Obsidian also aids in grounding and stabilizing your energy, helping you to stay centered and focused.


Invite the transformative and protective energy of our Obsidian Mushroom into your life. Let this magical piece ground you, shield you, and illuminate your path with the ancient wisdom of obsidian. Embrace the journey with this enchanting talisman by your side, and let its mystical energy guide you towards clarity and inner peace.


Chakra: Root 

Element: Earth



Magical Properties

Protection | Grounding | Absorbing Negativity  |  Spiritual purification  |  Psychic protection |  Removing energetic blockages |

 Promoting self-awareness | Enhancing clarity | Shield against electromagnetic radiation | Scrying


How it foams: igneous rock

Mohs scale (hardness): 5-5.5


Dear valued customer,

We aim to depict our stock accurately, but please understand that each crystal is unique in its natural form. While your crystal will match the type, weight, and general shape shown, slight variations may arise due to individual characteristics.


Please note: Natural variations in colour, texture, or shape may occur with our crystals, enhancing their beauty and uniqueness. Additionally, colours may appear differently in person due to screen settings, lighting, and device differences. We strive for accuracy, but slight variations may occur.


Rest assured, the essence and quality of your crystal remain in line with our high standards. For any questions or concerns, reach out to our customer service team.

Thank you for your continued support.

Obsidian Mushroom