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Beautiful A Grade Amethyst Point 

A Grade crystal point, bathed in a regal purple hue that exudes an air of mystique.

Adorned with mesmerizing rainbows that shimmer and dance along its six sides, this captivating gem twinkles like starlight in the night sky.

Delicately infused with small iron inclusions, it whispers tales of ancient wisdom and hidden realms.

Its enchanting allure transcends ordinary beauty, weaving a spell of wonder and fascination.

A treasure to behold, this crystal is a magical addition to any collection, ready to fulfill your every need with its celestial grace and charm.


weight around : 115g | height:  5.5cm 


Chakra: crown, third eye

Element: Air, Water

Birthstone: February

Zodiac: Virgo ♍️, Capricorn ♑️, Aquarius ♒️, Pisces ♓️

Planetary Ruler: Saturn


Magical Properties

Calms | relaxing and soothe the mind | Inner peace | Dispel fear, anxiety and