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Apatite Sphere (S32)

Immerse yourself in the cosmic wonder of our Beautiful Apatite Sphere, a celestial gem that dazzles with its swirling dance of colours and radiant energy.

Weighing around 230 grams and measuring approximately 5 cm in circumference,


This enchanting sphere showcases a mesmerizing blend of deep, rich, and light hues of Apatite, sparkling and shimmering like a starlit night sky.


As you hold this Apatite Sphere, feel the waves of its wonderful energy washing over you, inviting you to explore the boundless realms of creativity and insight. The sphere, a symbol of unity and wholeness, combined with the vibrant allure of Apatite, creates a powerful talisman that awakens your inner vision and inspires your spirit.

Apatite, known as the "Stone of Manifestation," is celebrated for its ability to enhance communication, focus, and intellectual abilities. It stimulates the mind, promotes clarity of thought, and supports personal growth. This crystal also fosters motivation and independence, helping you to achieve your goals and manifest your dreams. Additionally, Apatite is known for its connection to the future, promoting a humanitarian outlook and a desire for positive change.


Invite the luminous and inspiring energy of our Beautiful Apatite Sphere into your life. Let this magical piece guide you, enlighten you, and infuse your space with the vibrant energy of the cosmos. Embrace the journey with this enchanting talisman by your side, and let its radiant energy bring clarity, creativity, and transformation to your everyday experiences.


Chakra: Throat

Element: Earth / Water

Zodiac: GEMINI ♊️


Magical Properties

Increase self-confidence & Acceptance | Helps access your authentic soul & find life’s path | Motivations, encouragement and strength to carry on | Reduce Stress, Anxiety and panic attacks | helps overcome loss | boast Aura & give protection | Communication & Intelligence | Dispel negative emotions


How it foams: hexagonal crystal

Mohs scale (hardness): 5



Dear valued customer,

We aim to depict our stock accurately, but please understand that each crystal is unique in its natural form. While your crystal will match the type, weight, and general shape shown, slight variations may arise due to individual characteristics.


Please note: Natural variations in colour, texture, or shape may occur with our crystals, enhancing their beauty and uniqueness. Additionally, colours may appear differently in person due to screen settings, lighting, and device differences. We strive for accuracy, but slight variations may occur.


Rest assured, the essence and quality of your crystal remain in line with our high standards. For any questions or concerns, reach out to our customer service team.

Thank you for your continued support.